BrandMaker Visuals

Creating visual experiences for the leader in MRM



BrandMaker is the leading SaaS provider of effective and scalable marketing ops management solutions.

The company delivers the visibility, control, and agility that enterprise marketers require to optimize their marketing operations and tames the complexity of multinational marketing campaigns, budgets, and team workflows.

BrandMaker teamed up on an ambitious transformation: expanding their brand experience that would solidify their leader status in a rapidly changing industry synchronising the requirements of many stakeholders and the efforts of team members working on different locations and time zones.


BrandMaker (now Uptempo)


B2B | SaaS | Software | Marketing tech​


Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction


CMO, Account Managers, Product Marketing, HR, Product Owners, Sales​


User flows.

We want to maintain an easy-to-grasp and memorable thread across each touch point, using common visual cues and messaging from the initial email or social mention to offering live-events and content resources downloads usually e-books and topic-related guides.

Each campaign is part of a larger and unique experience. 


Campaign visuals.

Taking a component-based approach and creating smart design systems and templates – in Sketch for digital assets and InDesign for print assets, we got the tools to build entire campaigns in a shot-time coordinating the efforts of different stakeholders and team members. All this while maintaining strong, unified, and scalable brand design.

We put together a marketing kit with a variety of assets that bring the brand to life. 

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