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Implementing a new mobility apps ecosystem


Project forge.

In the role of senior UX Designer for the global website relaunch project of GoToProducts at Citrix, I played a key role in overhauling the global web strategy and migrating to the highly scalable and adaptable Brightspot technical platform Brightspot. In this project I worked with global teams on bringing the products sites to life in multiple languages and countries considering all technical and business requirements such as branding, SEO, Content Strategy, Lead Gen Optimization, Testing readiness, etc.


Citrix GoTo Products (now LogmeIn)


B2B | SaaS | Software | Online conferencing


Visual / UX designer on the online conversion team


CMO, Account Managers, Product Marketing, Product Owners, Sales



The goal was to connect the sites and exposing the power of Mobility Apps ecosystem to the users. This strategy would help gain stakeholder confidence, increase momentum, show progress and, in parallel, plan and execute “long-term” Unity.

The UX design team worked together to build a cross-branded online ecosystem for Citrix (GoTo products now LogMeIn).


Goals and user
needs alignment.

The new ecosystems should make it easier for customers to try, buy and use and expose the power of Mobility Apps ecosystem in context of their needs. We needed to establish a consistent product marketing experience across the Mobility Apps products and connect the Mobility Apps product sites to deliver more of ‘portfolio’ value.



We decided to build the foundation for the product suite “story” on the product and verticals pages using a scalable system that allows localization capabilities but also offering huge flexibility in creating an architecture that suites a complex list of requirements from various stakeholders from many teams within Citrix that needed to be connected to the system.

We introduced other products thru global “hamburger navigation” nav and simple in-page bundling options. All this keeping, meeting, sharing, and managing segmentation to help users understand our products and codify interaction and placement of sales and support contact info.

We eworked new nav for mobile breakpoints and created a lightened palette but keeping in context and fuid with other connected touchpoints (post login, sign-in etc).

Creation of a product suite “story” using a scalable system matching the business goals and the user needs

New navigation.


Responsive websites

I worked together with product team stakeholders, web designers and developers on collecting and in detail defining all components that are used throughout all product websites within the system. Main focus has been on multi device readiness but also keeping a consistent design approach and the same functionalities on all sites.

In order to meet the requirements to be globally ready for multiple countries and languages we introduced a completely new top level domain and internationalization concept to the organisation. With separating country specific content elements from commonly used elements we went with a language first approach and therefore were able to be highly scalable and introduce product websites to new countries within days.

We introduced a completely new top level domain with an intuitive and flexible internationalization concept to the entire organisation.

A/B tests.

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